Winter Wonderland Mountain Top Engagement

Kat & Richard are mountain people. 
They spend their days living intentionally on a beautiful orchard nestled in the mountains. They were engaged in the Rockies, and will be wed here in the Spring. Naturally, their winter engagement session was on top of Mount Mackenzie in the heart of the Canadian mountains. It was an other-worldly beautiful day; an inversion: when warm air rises to the mountain tops. We rose above the clouds and were greeted with a sea of mountains, floating in the clouds. Friendly Whiskey Jack birds landed on our hands like a fairy tale. 
We spent the whole weekend together exploring all of the nooks & crannies of the mountains. We adventured into giant redwood forests and spent hours cozied up at local coffee shops in kinship. We fostered a lovely friendship and created lifelong memories. 
As a photographer this was a dream come true. I cannot wait to photograph their intimate elopement later this year and be witness as these sweet two embark on their next big journey. A huge thanks to The Canadian Film Lab for always developing my film so beautifully.